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The Art of Seduction

One of my pet hates is ‘literal’ writing. You know the kind; great descriptions, a well-structured plot, believable characters, fantastic ideas, and absolutely no compelling reason to keep turning the page. The story simply conveys information without plumbing the depths of meaning, giving it a stale, paint-by-numbers feel. …read more

John Carter: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Disney's John Carter

There’s a lot of talk about Hollywood running out of ideas. Personally, I think that’s nonsense; there’s no shortage of talent in the moviemaking business, or at the pinnacle of any profession, so I find it hard to believe that there are ‘no ideas’. …read more

Welcome to Narrative Schmarrative

This blog is dedicated to the art of storytelling.

However, here at Schmarrative, we don’t just worship at the altar of Great Tales; we also roll up our sleeves and conduct a thorough post-mortem to determine exactly what makes a story tick. We’ll be slicing our way to the very heart of things, all with a single goal in mind: to better understand the nature of storytelling. This is not a review site; it’s a site for learning. It’s where we strive to learn from the failures as well as the successes, from the misfires and the home-runs, and everything in between. …read more